How often will my ad appear on search engines?
AdzZoo cannot guarantee the amount of exposure. Example: A Ford dealership may have more exposure than a BMW dealership due to Ford’s greater share of the market. AdzZoo can be compared to a digital billboard on the information super highway; customers will be in rotation with other advertisers.
Can I request or change the domain name of my AdzZoo website?
Your AdzZoo website domain name (XYZcompany.AdzZoo.com) cannot be changed. Having an optimized AdzZoo.com site link as a part of the name allows our clients to take advantage of organic search clicks and additional exposure, building our customers a more comprehensive online presence. Clients may purchase a domain from a domain provider (like GoDaddy.com) and then point that domain to their AdzZoo site as well.
Why do I need AdzZoo’s web page, I have one of my own?
AdzZoo customized web pages not only provide an additional web presence for our clients but more importantly provide an optimized web presence designed for search engine results and additional organic and directory exposure. AdzZoo drives web traffic to your website through this optimized AdzZoo web page and site link. The web page, keyword phrases and ads are created as a unit… a targeted campaign. This campaign cohesive unit (i.e. campaign) works best together as opposed to individually created pieces.
Why is optimizaiton so important?
Search engines are in the business of delivering the best, most relevant, results for each search query. This relevant information is obtained through algorithms that travel and catalog (spider) the billions of websites on the Internet to determine which websites are relevant to that particular query. Relevant sites are then ranked from 1 to X and displayed in that order. Optimization includes: website content, website structure, meta keywords, key phrases, geo-targeted marketing, links to your site, web traffic, and many other factors that increase the relevancy of an online presence. Without proper optimization, websites are lost in a sea of information!
Can I change, add or remove content on my AdzZoo website?
Because each client’s website is designed to work in coordination with their keywords, site structure and content, websites cannot be changed, added to, or removed. The only exception is if the information was entered incorrectly or does not properly describe the business or service offered. (i.e. incorrect address/phone #, or if the site describes details of a product or service that the client does not provide, etc.)
Can I change, add or remove keywords?
Because each client’s keywords are designed to work in coordination with their site structure and content we cannot change, add, or remove keywords. Many times a customer requests keywords that may not be best suited for that client’s business. Example: a bike shop owner wants ‘bike’ as a keyword. However, "bike" vs. "bikes" would be a 9 to 1 difference in available searches; and "bicycle shop" brings people ready to buy. Allow our experts to select the words based on what your local customers are actually typing in the search window.
‘Shopping’ keywords vs. ‘Buying’ keywords - what is the difference?
Different keywords produce different results and target different markets. More clicks are not always better. Example: "Ford" is a word that would get a dealership a great deal of exposure and clicks – but ‘shopping’ clicks. On the other hand, "Ford F150 Tampa" would not get as many impressions and clicks, but the resulting clicks would be ‘buying’ clicks – customers ready to make that purchase. AdzZoo uses a combination of broad terms and refined phrases to access shoppers and buyers alike. Also, many times ‘shopping’ keywords have increased competition and have your sales staff wasting value time with the "tire kickers" while valuable buyers are ready to make a purchase.
What is Geo-Targeting?
Geo-targeting is a unique technology that focuses each client’s online AdzZoo campaign to a specific geographic area. This technology allows our clients to target specific areas of town, a metro neighborhood, entire cities or even larger tri-state regions. Focus your money in your target market!
What is the difference in an Organic link and a Sponsored link?
Organic links are the natural (or free) results that search algorithms find, rank and list. They are typically displayed on the left-side of the search engine results page. Organic listings are based solely on relevancy and cannot be purchased. Organic listings take time and proper optimization before they are shown. Sponsored links are paid advertising links that populate quickly and are typically on the top and right-side of the search engine results page. The cost for this varies greatly depending on many factors such as keywords, competition, search volume, and how well the website is optimized.
Does AdzZoo push me out organically or through sponsored links?
Both! Because it takes time and proper optimization for ads to show organically, we ensure our customers are gaining visibility on the search engines within 3 days via sponsored links.
What is the "Search Network"?
The search network and partners is made up of thousands of high traffic websites, networks and mobile devices – like the iPhone – that we push our ads out to in each client’s geo-targeted market. Websites like New York Times, AOL, Ask, Shopping, CNN, Food Network, PGA, Redbook, EBay, MySpace, HGTV, Popular Mechanics, and thousands of others - building your online brand in your targeted market. The search network matches like business with like industries. Example: an auto parts store would likely appear on a website like "Popular Mechanics" while a hair salon would more likely to appear on "Redbook’s" website.
Is this a flat fee or a pay-per-click service?
One set monthly fee, we do not charge a per-click fee.
How will I know how many people saw or clicked on my ad?
Here at AdzZoo, we want to make sure you have all the latest campaign statistics for making the most out of your search listings. AdzZoo will send you a monthly detailed report of your campaign’s activity including sponsored search ad impressions and web page clicks.
If I have a problem who should I contact?
You may contact your independent Campaign Director to assist you with any questions or assistance that may be required.
Can I pay monthly?
Ad campaigns can be converted to monthly payments after the initial term has been completed.
Can I cancel at any time?
The customer has a 3 day rescission period. After this period, the customer is charged for the agreed upon term.
How do I cancel the AdzZoo service?
An email will be sent to all customers five days prior to the end of the term. The customer can choose to cancel or continue at that time.
Does AdzZoo offer larger regional or national campaigns?
Yes. AdzZoo offers custom regional and national campaigns, each individually scoped and priced. Contact your independent campaign director for more information or to submit a request for custom pricing.

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