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Don Rutt, a successful entrepreneur, has always had an 'itch' to do things differently, to make things better. Upon graduating with a Business degree from the University of Southern Mississippi, he hit the ground running by completing various banking trainee programs and rose rapidly to vice president and bank manager.
Don moved to Florida and spent the next 25 years in the auto industry where among other things, he was instrumental in taking a small Lincoln-Mercury business (30-40 cars) to become the largest Lincoln-Mercury dealership in the world. During this time he also became partner and GM of the first wave of Lexus dealerships in America and founded a chain of stores for unique cosmetic repairs to automobiles. Ever the entrepreneur, Don searched for the next business venture after selling his chain of exclusive auto repair stores. He found a unique business in the growing e-market and along with some old friends, decided to form AdzZoo.

"Our main focus is on the end user of our product, the ad client. However, to do this we must create, train, develop and pay our salespeople well," Don explains. "We believe that the timing of AdzZoo could not be better. A new paradigm is occurring before our eyes. The giants of all business were the ones that got ahead of the herd and were waiting for the stampede to come to them. We are ahead of the herd and waiting for the coming stampede."


Kevin Anderton helped found the first prepaid phone card company in the United States. As Chief Operations Officer of 'Anderton Communication Marketing Inc' he was charged with the running a successful telecommunications company from a technology and marketing standpoint.
Kevin was in charge of over 50 employees and 25,000 sales consultants as 'ACMI' provided prepaid telecard services for many large brand name companies such as Ryder, America West Airlines, WGN TV, Fed Ex, H&R Block, and many others. 'ACMI' had annual sales of over $22 million dollars. In 1998 ACMI was sold to a publicly traded company.
In 2001 Mr. Anderton became Exec Vice President for Sable Energy and Investments. A privately held company that was integral in the purchasing and financing of over 300 million dollars in Life Settlement insurance policies. Kevin also helped created the largest wetlands mitigation bank in Mississippi and one of the largest in the country. Mr. Anderton served in this capacity until 2008 when he went looking for other investment and marketing opportunities.

In 2009 Mr. Anderton became a founder in 'AdzZoo' after learning of the tremendous benefits that online advertising can provide to businesses and entrepreneurs. When looking at the business model it became clear that there was an unfulfilled need in the marketplace to provide business with an online presence at a low and fixed rate yet still provide the opportunity for financial independence for its agents.


Scott Anderton has spent his career developing and training sales teams in several direct sales companies over the last 15 years. He has used his expertise to attract and develop some of the brightest leaders in multiple industries, including telecommunications, financial services and advertising. In addition, Scott has had the vision to be a founder of 3 companies with unique products and/or market timing that has led to much of his success in business.
In 1992, Scott was a founder of ACMI, the first pre-paid phone card company in the U.S. Under his direction, ACMI became one of the largest pre-paid phone card companies in the industry and became the largest suppliers of promotional, collector, and end user cards to the fortune 500 companies in the early nineties.

With the success of ACMI, in 1998 Mr. Anderton was able to found and direct Sable Energy and Investments, a private equity firm with investments and holdings primarily in Oil and Gas Explorations, Viatical Settlements, and Mitigation Banking. He was responsible of purchasing and financing over $300 million in face value of Viatical Settlements, as well as raising millions of dollars of capital for investments in Sable projects. He also created largest privately owned mitigation bank in Mississippi and one of the largest in the country.

In 2009, Scott became the National Sales Director for AdzZoo. The company’s focus is to reconnect local businesses with local customers by offering complete online campaigns to give these businesses more exposure and customers through the Internet.

Scott Anderton has served as a role model by providing strategic oversight and motivation to sales forces, yet he also contributes to the collective good of the community by serving as a deacon of Germantown Baptist Church in Germantown, TN, providing hands on help with local inner-city ministries, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and assisting with numerous volunteer efforts at his church and other outreach programs.

Bill Olive has been involved in some form of sales and recruiting his entire business career. Self-employed since the age of 23, it became clear early in life that only he could control his destiny and that he must position himself appropriately. At the age of 30, Bill became affiliated with AL Williams/Primerica and it is no surprise that he quickly became a leader at the local level and then on a national level. As a senior national sales director, Bill held the position as one of the leading earners in the company, winning countless awards and becoming one of the most recognized success stories in the history of AL Williams/Primerica.

Upon retiring at age 52, Bill enjoyed life as a golfer, world traveler and principal investor in a thriving brokerage group. It was not long before this new way of life gave way to the realization that he actually missed the fast-paced action found in sales and recruiting. In 2009, with the help of several associates, Bill co-founded AdzZoo. AdzZoo is an internet marketing company that targets small business. AdzZoo provides small business with affordable products and services to compete for customers online. AdzZoo is rapidly becoming the dominant providers of internet marketing services for small business and today is instrumental in helping thousands of customers become visible on the internet.


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