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  Kim Sutton

Mark Shirey

I have lived in SW Florida for 42 years. I have been in the Aluminum Construction Industry for 23 years. I have been in business in SW Florida for 13 yrs as Artistic Aluminum Construction Inc. in the Ft. Myers and Cape Coral Area. I have done new Construction Residential Homes – as much as 2,000 homes a year. The building industry in this area has hit rock bottom as we went from the fastest growing area in the country to the most stagnant in the country. People are going out of business everywhere around me and friends are losing their homes and jobs.

I had never had a reason to advertise on the internet, but I knew I had to do something or my business was going to go under. I needed something to propel me through the dog days of summer. I purchased an ad campaign from AdzZoo for 3 months at $179.95 a month. I got a site for clients to see and within 2 days of the purchase my ad was on the front page of a Google search. I received 4 phone calls and sold 3 of those jobs. I can honestly say that AdzZoo kept my dream alive of being a business owner, even in these rough times. In 3 months, I have taken 16 calls directly from my AdzZoo ad and have closed the deal on 11 jobs ADDING UP TO OVER $30,000 IN SALES! AdzZoo saved my business, and kept my dream alive.

Richard - Ft. Myers, FL

I cannot overstate the value of my AdzZoo Internet campaign. It is a wonderfully simple, yet very powerful approach to drive business to my office and web site. This process has helped differentiate our office from others on the Internet and has given us the ability to communicate our unique value to others.

Thanks again AdzZoo!
Benjamin - Chiropractor


When you first approached me with the AdzZoo internet marketing program and told me that you could "guarantee" front page of Google exposure for my Company, I was highly skeptical to say the least. This skepticism comes from having spent money previously with four companies that promised me the same thing and not one of them was able to accomplish what they promised. Money is too hard to come by these days to just keep taking chances, but when you produced a written guarantee offered by AdzZoo and you told me they have had a 100% success rate of getting their clients on the front page of Google, I decided to take one more chance.

Let me just say, I am very impressed by the results. In less than a week of signing with AdzZoo, my listing was showing up on the front page of Google. I don't know how AdzZoo does it, but my ad is on the front page every day. The Landing Page that
AdzZoo designed for my company provides very good representation. My phone is ringing; I'm getting new customers that have found me on Google. I can't ask for more than that!

AdzZoo has performed in every way in which you told me they would, and I'll have to say they have exceeded my personal expectations. I highly recommend AdzZoo and would say to anyone that is giving this concept consideration, give it a try, AdzZoo does what they say they will do.

Lance - Locksmith


I wanted to thank you again for the terrific job that AdzZoo has done for my insurance agency. Your personal attention to our account is greatly appreciated. When you first told me that you would get me first page placement on Google in seventy-two hours, I was skeptical. I was even more skeptical when you told me the price. Fortunately, I chose to give AdzZoo a try. I am a results based businessman. Thus far, the AdzZoo results have been wonderful. In the first week, my agency: received first class service, achieved first page placement on Google and sold four policies due to our AdzZoo campaign. Thanks for contacting me regarding AdzZoo. Keep up the great work!

Take care,
Michael - CA


Dear AdzZoo,

We started our campaign 1 month ago and couldn't be happier with the results. It became obvious immediately that phones calls regarding rentals and leases had increased substantially and just yesterday we received our AdzZoo monthly campaign report from AdzZoo which showed why. My company is showing up consistently # 1 or #2 on search engines when potential clients are looking for apartments in the area. AdzZoo is, without question, the VERY BEST use of our advertising dollar. Just had to let you know how pleased we are with your service.

Lane - Starkville, Mississippi


Dear AdzZoo,
As a partner in a well established full service law firm we are always looking for ways to attract new business in this highly competitive market. When I was approached with the AdzZoo online campaign idea I was immediately interested and after performing some due diligence we signed on for an "area campaign". Within days of signing up, our website was on the first page of Google with the primary keywords selected for us by AdzZoo experts. Amazingly we have signed up two new cases as a direct result of the internet presence created for us by AdzZoo within days of appearing. The service and efficiency has been outstanding and I look forward to continuing our business relationship. Thank you, AdzZoo. Very Truly Yours,

C.P.I. Esq.


I just bought an online ad last week from AdzZoo and I am very happy.

I own 4 car dealerships in the Brooklyn area. We do a lot of traditional advertising where we spend 30-40 thousand dollars per month. I have done some online advertising with another company with no results, so I was hesitant when my brother called and told me about AdzZoo and their guarantee of being on the first page of Google. The price points where so good and he was my brother, so I took out an ad for my new program we just introduced Credit for Wheels.

This website went live just 7 days ago and I started the AdzZoo ad just 6 days ago and the only advertising I am doing to the site is AdzZoo.

This week already I have received 6 contracts on my desk and closed a $9,000 deal just 30 mins. ago from this ad. I will be stepping up my advertising even more now with AdzZoo. Looking forward to a long relationship.

Tony – Brooklyn, NY


Established in early 2007, A & J Rolloff is a small, family-owned operation. As such, each expenditure requires careful consideration – especially those that are marketing related. When I was approached about the services provided by AdzZoo, I was hesitant, to say the least. After weighing our options, we decided to give AdzZoo a shot.
Prior to marketing with AdzZoo, A & J had no website and therefore, no internet presence. However, within 10 days of the start of my AdzZoo campaign, we received 7 phones calls which resulted in 2 jobs. We could not have been more pleased – until, within that same month, we acquired a $30,000 project, which was also a direct result of our AdzZoo campaign.

A & J consistently receives 2 -3 calls each week and as a result averages 1 -2 new jobs every other week. The results continue to be amazing! One job alone has more than paid for a month of advertising with AdzZoo. AdzZoo has found a customer for life and at this rate is the only advertising medium A & J could ever need!

-A & J Rolloff


After my website was created, I didn't know how to get it out in the public eye until I found Before, I didn't get a single phone call from my website as it was almost invisible amongst all the other websites from other companies. My site is now bumped to the top of the list and is visible for everyone to see. I truly believe the investment was worth every penny and highly recommend to anyone trying to increase hits and visibility on their website.

-Hair by Finnell (Dunwoody Hair)


It was so exciting when I received an email from a young lady who had just moved to the area who was looking for a gym. She discovered our Athletic Center on the optimized landing page that AdzZoo created for us making it very easy to find our gym. Our Center was exactly what she was looking for. By simply typing in key words like Group exercise classes into Google, our Athletic Center popped up on the front page. If it wasn’t for our campaign on AdzZoo she would have most likely passed us by. Thank you AdzZoo.

Julie T - Mishawaka, Indiana


I wasn't sure if AdzZoo would help me. I was already doing my own web promotion and I thought I had it figured out. Boy was I amazed at the edge that AdzZoo gave my Internet exposure! It was only a short period of time after I started the service that I not only was on the front page of Google, but I dominated every single square inch of it! I am pleased with how well it has worked, I plan on continuing to use them, and I would happily recommend them to anyone running a business or otherwise trying to be seen. If you are not on the front page of Google, you are losing business!

Jesse "Mr. PAIN" Stoddard, CPT


Over the last 20 years we have used just about every form of advertising and marketing. It is very important that we track our ad spend and know that every dollar spent gives a ROI (return on investment) of at least two hundred to one over the life of the customer. We track our life time customer value and we work hard to keep our customers happy. The best return on marketing we have experienced in the past was 226% life time customer value ROI. We know that our average customer will stay with us for 7.2 years. We also track immediate ROI, this is the ROI we see on our ad spend from a new customers first visit. The best return we have had on this statistic in 20 years of tracking was 18.9% ROI and that was 10 years ago. After the first 30 days of our AdzZoo campaign we had an immediate ROI of 283.3%. These are measured in net profit and not gross sales. The next best media in that same month was only .98%. The life time value of these new AdzZoo customers is going to place our tracking numbers at a new high and will cause us to shift more of our dollars into AdzZoo. Keep up the good work!

David - Maryland



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