What We Do

A Web Presence to Capture Your Local Market

We develop a significant "Web Presence" (not just a website), for local businesses in an area that is largely dominated by national chains and corporations. We do so for a cost effective, FLAT FEE. We specialize in providing comprehensive and compelling information about your business to consumers in your chosen campaign areas.


By utilizing a unique process known as "geo-targeting", the physical location of a web searcher is determined, and then your specific content is delivered to them based on the nature of their inquiry. Simply put "geo-targeting" enables local businesses to be matched with local searchers.


Geo Targeting

Be Everywhere They Look...

There are many factors that create and strengthen your online web presence; each is taken into account. Your Optimized Website is designed for searches and online exposure, and when combined with your Geo-Targeted Search Results and the Google Ad Network, creates a VERY POWERFUL tool. Submissions into the Google and Yahoo Map programs provide your customers with a visual point of reference for your facility as well. Also, we closely maintain and constantly monitor your campaign, ensuring your position remains on the first page.



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